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Spiral steel pipe、ERW Steel Pipe、Stainless Steel pipe
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Cangzhou Cangchen Pipeline Co., Ltd. is located in Yanshan County, Hebei Province, which is located in Yanshan County, Hebei Province, which is the pipeline equipment manufacturing base in Hebei Province. It is close to Beijing-Tianjin Railway in the north and Qilu River in the south and the Beijing-Shanghai Railway in the west and Bohai Bay in the east and Tianjin Port in the east. County. Convenient transportation, rich geographical resources and favorable geographical conditions so that we occupy the weather, geography, and the advantages for my company's development laid a good foundation.

Our company mainly to anti-corrosion insulation pipe products mainly include: 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe, epoxy ceramic paint anti-corrosion steel pipe, epoxy coal tar anti-corrosion steel pipe, sewage treatment with cement mortar anti-corrosion steel pipe, heat transfer polyurethane insulation pipe. The company has a professional anti-corrosion construction team, the company will always put the quality of products in the first place. In addition the company and a number of enterprises reached a perennial intention of cooperation, including spiral pipe, large diameter thick-walled steel pipe, pipe steel pipe, in the same industry to achieve quality and cheap.
In addition the company's products include: elbow, elbow, tee, different-diameter pipe, flange, manhole, pipe cap, socket pipe fittings, forging pipe fittings, etc .; casting wear-resistant piping, Water flow indicator, three-way displacement indicator, flow measurement device, universal transmission, drain, compensator, support hanger, such as filters, funnels, etc. . Tube material, including stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel composite materials. Pan for the power, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil refining, natural gas, shipbuilding, metallurgy, mining, heating, water treatment, environmental protection and many other industries.

My company aims to: solid source of the integrity of the source of innovation to win innovation for the first. Here, the general manager with the staff, old and new friends and customers to express my heartfelt thanks to our long-term cooperation, mutual benefit and common development.