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Enterprise purpose: brand enterprises, industry serve the country
Staff Code of Ethics:
Self-improvement, Houde cutting material, learn, integrity and honesty: quality first, the pursuit of efficiency; unity, cooperation and continuous improvement; everything dedicated, customer first; innovation, eliminate waste; try to protect the company honor, always protect the interests of the company.
Business management principles:
Technology development with first-class products, first-class production management guidance
With first-class products to market, create value for first-class quality
Armed with first-class cultural staff to first-class reputation to win customers 
Corporate culture, along with the days business benefits the mentality of people over the years, and gradually form their own spiritual support and behavioral norms, the transmission of her silent, leading the company to more glorious days of benefits tomorrow.

Entrepreneurial culture: integrity Societe Generale, cooperation and win-win is the day of the Founding of the Hui people, honest people will do the endless pursuit of quality first, honest people must always be regarded as God to customers, who must always be honest responsible for commitment to social responsibility, so, the day Witter friends all over the world.

Team Culture: fairness, justice, solidarity, Pinbo is the day the team benefit people, who regardless of affinity, to differentiate North and South, and by chance meet the Central Plains, fairness and justice is the bond, unity and hard work are traditional, the team are not afraid of big capability to fear of omission, the provisions of a paper competition for all types of talent for realizing the value of life to build a solid platform.

Harmony Culture: counter poverty, human love, the day was a harmonious family benefits. Companies have difficulties to find common phrase spoken in the days of benefits the company but it is catchy, as a member of any family, including his (her) to support the family, as long as the special difficulties encountered, the company will in time stretch a helping hand, for many years been Threatened patient assistance, funding over students, less by a thousand dollars, more than those tens of thousands, more than ten million facility this feeling has been formed in the local company, workers, families, social interaction.